Last night I went to the Bristol Games Hub for a talk on Unity organised by Alex Birke, the Danish guy who cheerfully compares himself to a mop, and Sam Chester, who is now and will forever be the DusterHead. (It makes more sense if you see the pictures that started the presentation.) Anyway, they were there to welcome everyone to the first in a series of sessions they’re organising to introduce people to Unity and how to get started making games with it. The session was pitched at ‘beginners’, but those would be beginners who have prior experience of coding. It didn’t take Alex long to build a tank that could fire at targets and cause explosions next to mountains, albeit mountains that all looked like sugar-loaves.  It was entertaining and my mind was spiralling off in two main directions – one, how to adapt what he was doing for the game idea we have planned that involves no tanks or bullets, and two, whether I can remember any c#, which looks like it would be useful. I’m definitely having a go with the free version of Unity and will no doubt keep you posted on how I get on. Luckily I’ve been using Appfurnace recently which has a similar feel to it, so I am sure I will get somewhere…

Alex gave us a link for more tutorial advice here

The next Unity session is on shading – keep an eye on the Bristol Games Hub newsletter for more info, whether you are a complete novice or an expert who can offer ideas to the discussion.