Flossie 2013

This is a pulling together of some bits and pieces for the very short workshop I ran at FLOSSIE 2013 on behalf of Her Game Collective. In the event there wasn’t enough time to go through everything that I wanted to share so here is a list of the links that I was going to show, along with the ones I did:

So, you found our website, so that’s good and I don’t need to paste the link. Obv.

I suggested Games Jams as a place to play at making games – keep an eye out for this sort of thing, a Games Jam funded by the Royal Society or, even better, the XX Games Jam in 2012.

I mentioned GameMaker Studio and Unity, as software to look at and try out – there is currently a shortage of Unity programmers in the games industry, so it is worth seeing if it suits you. Last time I looked you could download and try out for free, then it gets expensive when you want to publish.

A quick and easy way of testing out the structure of a game idea is using a text based tool, such as text adventures, where you can create and play all sorts of branching adventures 

nb I haven’t used it properly but there is also Twine, as Astrid showed us in another FLOSSIE session,  which you can use to develop an idea, and has an interface that shows you the branching structure and connections between elements of your narrative. 

I showed a few examples of people playing around with substituting men and women in games . This is a particularly !fine example ~ Larry Croft, anyone?

And there are examples of people reprogramming games so their daughters can play as a female protagonist ~ check out these alt. Zelda and Donkey Kong

I ask think it’s good to keep an eye on who else is sharing their thoughts on women+games out there, so here’s a little bit of Inspiration from Dames Making Games and Feminists in Games, both of whom get involved in games jams, run meet ups and conferences and bring together researchers and makers.

I remembered to include @firefluff’s message that there needs to be space for people making ‘quiet’ games, it’s not just about butt-kicking females (tho we do quite like those too)

 And to finish, I showed the fab game the news site, to show the sort of messages that games can get across to people. 

The workshop itself was slightly chaotic, but definitely got people thinking and talking about games, and contributing their ideas about how to get started with designing one.

Oh, and in case you missed the previous post of Too many Dicks, it’d be nice one day to have so many female characters to draw on that we could create a positive version…