Why women only?

Following the XX Games jam, the general consensus from participants was that it had given them the confidence to participate in mixed jams in the future and we want to provide the same sort of ongoing space for women in the industry. During the jam we discussed many of the issues that affected women in the workplace and also, and perhaps most importantly, their love of games. We hope to create this space through hands-on workshops, group meet-ups and discussions and public talks.

Ooh, public talks, are they women only too?

No! We would like to make our public talks open to everyone – we are interested in hearing from a variety of perspectives and of course that includes men. As soon as we have talks planned, information will be posted on here. As with everything else, we’d love to hear suggestions of who to invite and feel free to suggest yourself.

That sounds good, so tell me more about these meet-ups…

We are going to have a meet-up every month in Bristol Games Hub, usually on the First Tuesday. As well as discussing issues within the games industry, we’d really like to do hands-on game making; from programming to illustration to understanding game mechanics. The emphasis is on sharing skills, boosting confidence, creating networks and learning new things. We want this to be an open space, so even if you don’t consider yourself directly involved within the games industry, but are interested in becoming a part of it, please come along!

Anything else we should know?

Well we’re very new, so these FAQ’s are likely to grow in time – also feel free to send us any questions you have through our contact page.

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