Come to our 1 day Grrrl Games Jam!

What game would you like to have played when you were 9?

Come and make it in ONE DAY at our Grrrl Games Jam in Bristol! We are inviting women, transgender and non-binary people who identify as female to come and make a game for your 9-year-old self.

No background in tech or previous programming experience is needed – we need artists, sound designers, organisers, writers – and of course enthusiasm!  People will be on hand to help out where you need it.

We advise you to bring a brownbag lunch to the jam on Saturday. A small suggested donation of £3 will cover snacks and refreshments, with any money leftover going towards future events!

The event will kick off on Saturday at 10am, although we encourage people to arrive from 9.30am to get settled in the space and meet your fellow jammers. It will finish at 6pm.

Find out more and sign up >>

XX+ games jam games

  1. Nommityville ~ Chloe, Eriol, Helen, Isobel, Vivienne  14884461_1693808884269096_6124785785213460440_o
  2. Before I Forget ~ Chella, Claire, Sharon
    photo A woman wanders through an empty house piecing together memories from her life. She doesn’t remember who she is or why she’s in this strange house. Investigate objects to unlock fragments of the woman’s story. Before I Forget is a narrative exploration game, which looks at the transience of memory.thoughts
  3. Comfort Zone ~ Eloise, Fiona, Jade, Katherine, Mariya
  4. Colour Over Life ~ Ellie, Emma, Laura
  5. Escape To Mexico ~ Chew-Yean, Clare, Klaudia, Sue

This is happening ~ Weds12thOct2016!

Copied and pasted, I know it’s lazy but…

Level unlocked: facilitating women’s access to careers in the games industry
Wednesday 12th October, 2pm-5pm
River Room King’s Building Strand Campus
Register here:

The video game industry is notoriously perceived as exclusionary and intolerant, particularly of women and others. ‘Re-Figuring Innovation in Games’ (ReFig) is a collaborative research project that addresses the urgent need for equity and diversity in order to stimulate innovation and greater inclusion in this significant domain of the creative industries.
This workshop will feature case study materials from initiatives aimed at supporting women’s access to the games industry in Canada, Ireland and the UK. It will feature presentations by key ReFig games industry and games education researchers and will be supported by young women currently working in games design. We welcome those interested in accessing the games industry at all levels as well as those wishing to support this access, for example educators at secondary, tertiary and beyond; advocacy groups; employers seeking guidance on inclusive recruitment strategies and structures; and academics.

Shift happens: a panel debate about exclusion & inclusivity in the games industry
Wednesday 12th October, 7pm-8:30pm
Anatomy Lecture Theatre (K.6.29) Strand Campus
Register here:

The games industry has the capacity to deliver rich, meaningful, creative and stimulating cultural experiences that can also contribute new tools for education and new avenues for economic prosperity. A diverse, inclusive and representative workforce will ensure that it achieves this with opportunities for all. However, the current landscape is very far from this ideal. To give this ambition any chance of success we will need the industry, academics, advocacy groups and educators to work together on a diverse range of tactics and strategies and to collaborate on initiatives that contribute to this transformation. Although the focus here is on the games industry these are challenges faced by many other science and technology based domains and successful approaches developed here would and should be applicable elsewhere. This panel will provide the platform for a meaningful debate between representatives from the games industry seeking to employ and address a more diverse community and representatives of advocacy groups or initiatives which seek to support the access of girls and young women.

Panel members include:
Holly Gramazio (Matheson Marcault), Marie-Claire Isaaman (CEO of Women in Games (WIGJ), Gina Jackson (Managing Director at the NextGen Skills Academy) and Dr. Chris Lowthorpe (co-author of ‘Punk Playthings: A Disruptive Approach to Making Games in the 21st Century’. Chair – Helen W. Kennedy.


These events are inspired by the issues and aims that fuel ReFig. For more information about this five year international research collaboration, and its approaches to diversity and equity in the global games industry and games culture, please visit the website at There events are part of this year’s Arts & Humanities Research Festival at King’s College London – please see here for details:

Announcing the XX+ Games Jam

UPDATE: Thanks for all the interest and applications – we will be curating our list of participants for each venue and get back to you asap.


Calling all women who like games – have you ever wanted to make one?  ReFIGuk are delighted to announce the xx+ games jam, 24 hours of fun and games design for women, transgender and non-binary people funded by ReFIG.  UK sites will be running in Brighton, Bristol, Leamington Spa & London.

XX+ Games Jam is an international jam, happening over 24 hours at 5 sites in the UK and 2 sites in Canada.  The Jams will be a relaxed affair, and people of all talents, professions and skill levels are welcome.  Any kind of game can be created, including digital, physical and paper – and teams will be formed to work around a theme – announced at the start of the jam on  Friday (but shh – keep it a secret until Canada starts too!)

No background in tech or previous programming experience is needed – we need artists, sound designers, organisers, writers – and enthusiasm to come up with cool game ideas!  People will be on hand to help out where you need.

Drinks, snacks and tech support will all be available – the venues will be open from 6-10pm on Friday and then til 6pm on Saturday. Some venues will allow for optional late night jamming.

~ there are 24 spaces in each location so apply now!

~ xx+ runs from 6pm Friday 14th October to 6pm Saturday 15th October 2016

~ application deadline is 4th October 2016 – we will let you know by asap after that date if you have been successful

nb this event is for over 18s only

There will be concurrent xx+ jams in Montreal & Toronto so you’ll be working alongside women in UK and Canada, expanding your networks and meeting other women who are changing the games industry one step at a time.

If you would be interested in supporting the xx+ jam in other ways – by being a volunteer mentor or tech support on the day then please get in touch:


Locations: Bristol ~ pmstudio/watershed
Leamington Spa ~ Arch Creatives
London ~ Kings College
Brighton ~ The Skiff
Norwich – cancelled, sorry!

REFIG is full of women who believe that the games industry has the capacity to deliver rich, meaningful, creative and stimulating cultural experiences that can also contribute new tools for education and new avenues for economic prosperity.  A diverse, inclusive and representative workforce will ensure that it achieves this with opportunities for all.


Tonight – Bristol Girl Geek Dinner

This evening (Thursday 21st January 2016) Claire and Constance are off to talk all things Grrrl Games at the local chapter of Girl Geek Dinners. You can find out more about Bristol GGD here

The Bristol Girl Geeks meet monthly and describe themselves as “a social and networking group for women who are interested in science, technology, engineering and other geeky things. We held our first event in 2010 and meet up about once a month for a talk with an inspiring female speaker and some good food and drink, usually provided by a sponsor.”

Looking forward to making more connections and seeing who might be up for some Grrrl Games activities.

Attention grrrl gamers: Future meetups, workshops & events

A still from Lux and the Shadowmaker, the game currently being developed by Constance
A still from Lux and the Shadowmaker, the game currently being developed by Constance

So, our first meetup wasn’t the greatest success as a lot of you weren’t actually able to make it in the end 😦

However, Constance and I still used the time to push forwards with plans and think about what we’d like to do in the future

1. Another meetup?

We would still like to have a meetup where we actually meet everyone interested – next date is May 12th!

2. A Unity workshop!

We’re currently speaking to the guys at Unity about setting up a workshop as an intro to the programme – this could act as a refresher if you haven’t used it for a while, an introduction if you’re thinking of using it for future projects, or for fun, because learning new stuff is cool.

This workshop will hopefully run in May, on a Tuesday evening after work.

3. More workshops!!

We want to do more of these workshops – currently thinking one on sound and music for games in June and another on Unreal in July. If anyone knows of someone who could facilitate these – please let us know!

4. Network

Another thing we’d like to get from this meetup community is exactly that, a community! So if you’re going to an expo, speaking at something, putting and event on – we’d like you to feel like you can ask us along. To get things going, Constance will be presenting her current game-in-development at the next Bristol Unity – more info here.

5. Over to you

We wanted to use the first meetup to see what people might want from future ones… What do you want to make? Are there other things you would like to learn? Are there games you want to play?

Personally, I want to do a screening of this film. I’m just waiting for it’s release 🙂

We’re also going to restart our 7 questions posts – check out previous ones here – would you like to respond to them? Let us know!

Flossie 2013

This is a pulling together of some bits and pieces for the very short workshop I ran at FLOSSIE 2013 on behalf of Her Game Collective. In the event there wasn’t enough time to go through everything that I wanted to share so here is a list of the links that I was going to show, along with the ones I did:

So, you found our website, so that’s good and I don’t need to paste the link. Obv.

I suggested Games Jams as a place to play at making games – keep an eye out for this sort of thing, a Games Jam funded by the Royal Society or, even better, the XX Games Jam in 2012.

I mentioned GameMaker Studio and Unity, as software to look at and try out – there is currently a shortage of Unity programmers in the games industry, so it is worth seeing if it suits you. Last time I looked you could download and try out for free, then it gets expensive when you want to publish.

A quick and easy way of testing out the structure of a game idea is using a text based tool, such as text adventures, where you can create and play all sorts of branching adventures 

nb I haven’t used it properly but there is also Twine, as Astrid showed us in another FLOSSIE session,  which you can use to develop an idea, and has an interface that shows you the branching structure and connections between elements of your narrative. 

I showed a few examples of people playing around with substituting men and women in games . This is a particularly !fine example ~ Larry Croft, anyone?

And there are examples of people reprogramming games so their daughters can play as a female protagonist ~ check out these alt. Zelda and Donkey Kong

I ask think it’s good to keep an eye on who else is sharing their thoughts on women+games out there, so here’s a little bit of Inspiration from Dames Making Games and Feminists in Games, both of whom get involved in games jams, run meet ups and conferences and bring together researchers and makers.

I remembered to include @firefluff’s message that there needs to be space for people making ‘quiet’ games, it’s not just about butt-kicking females (tho we do quite like those too)

 And to finish, I showed the fab game the news site, to show the sort of messages that games can get across to people. 

The workshop itself was slightly chaotic, but definitely got people thinking and talking about games, and contributing their ideas about how to get started with designing one.

Oh, and in case you missed the previous post of Too many Dicks, it’d be nice one day to have so many female characters to draw on that we could create a positive version…