Grrrl Games Spring Jam

Spring time; bouncing lambs, daffodils, sunshine and the perfect time to smash the patriarchy. Whilst our Spring Jam lacked lambs, we did have a room full of women (trans-inclusive) making games in less than 24 hours.

Supported by UWE Bristol’s Computer Science Creative Technologies department and held at the new steampunk-esque Foundry space – we welcomed absolute beginners and games-curious to come along and have a go at designing and making a game in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Tend + Befriend

Our theme was inspired by Brie Code’s keynote at last years European Women in Games conference. She spoke about our responses to stress, referencing research that says rather than ‘fight or flight’, most women (and many men) instead respond with ‘tend and befriend’: “Like much other research, most stress research had been done with men and male animals. Prior to 1995, only 17% of stress research had been done with women.” – you can read more about this from Brie here.



We were also lucky enough to get sponsored by BJSS Bristol – we struck a good balance between healthy snacks and yummy yummy pizza.



A crèche!

When we said we wanted a creche, Jane Berry (acting head of UWE’s Computer Science Creative Technologies department) made it happen! Ideally we’d like to run every jam we ever do with a creche, to widen participation as much as possible. If you are reading this and it’s something your company would like to fund, get in touch.


And of course… Games!