Happy New Years from Grrrl Games! Here’s some sort of resolutions

It’s 2016! The new year is upon us! It’s time to make a bunch of resolutions we won’t keep!

We’re starting the year with Constance and I on the opposite sides of the world – Constance is still in Bristol, running the amazing Grrrl Games meetups and i’m in Australia working on some exciting virtual reality projects.

But moving on from this geographical mishap, I want to make some sort of resolutions for Grrrl Games:

  1. Write more: This is a blog and it’s woefully unfilled… One post a week from now on, I promise!
  2. Get some answers: We started our 7 (now 8) questions idea a while back and I still – with not a hint of bias –  think it’s great. We’ll be pestering tons more women for answers in 2016 and post them up here in due course.
  3. Organise training: This is not for lack of trying… We spent the latter half of 2015 pushing for some women-only training days/introductory courses in Unity and we’ll keep on pushing in 2016.
  4. Attend more meetups: This is more of a personal one. Meetups are great and although i’ve been to a couple of VR ones in Australia, i’m still often put off by the fact i’m a minority at them. At the first one I went to, there were two other women there (I came with one of them) and it sucks. But not going to them because it feels daunting solves nothing, it just means there’s one less woman there, so back on the bike (or horse? or camel?) and just go.
  5. Read more / share more: Even if I don’t stick to my first resolution, there’s nothing stopping me reading and sharing other peoples’ writing on women in games.

I’ll start here with some good news from the NYTimes ‘Lara Croft Has Company: More Female Heroes Appear in Big-Budget Games‘, this brilliant interview with Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, senior producer for Starwars Battlefront and lastly rejoice! 2015 was a landmark for women in first-person shooters.


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