8 Questions: Ana Ribeiro

Constance and I came across the awesome Ana Ribeiro at the SouthWest VR conference a couple of months ago. We loved her presentation (which you can see further down this page) so we got in touch with her and asked her to respond to our 7 questions*. 

*You may have noticed that this is now called 8 questions… Following our last meetup, it was suggested we add another asking women how they got into the games industry – it’s not always a straightforward route and we want to show women as many options as possible to develop their own pathways into games.

Gear 1Can you describe what you do?

Game Designer, Developer, Programmer and creator of Pixel Ripped. Not forgetting to mention that I’m pie and sushi maker and a ice cream addict.

What’s your favourite game?

Today I would say Tetris.

Can you remember the first game you played on a computer/console?

Frogger on the Odyssey 2, I can barely remember, I think I was 3 or 4 years old…

What are you working on now?

Developing Pixel Ripped 1989, my first game to be release in the end of the year for Gear VR, and next year on Valve and Oculus Rift platforms.

Who is your favourite game character to play?

Amazon from Diablo II

What inspires and drives you?

I’m always motivated to create and discover new things, especially related to games.

^ Ana’s presentation at South West VR ^

What excites you about the future of games and/or game technology?

I grew up playing games and saw the games industry booming and becoming what it is nowadays – I feel I’m part of this and I want to contribute.

What excites me the most is the growth of this young industry which has so many things to explore.

I use to say I have a crazy scientist inside of me that feels complete when making games, because there is so many things to explore and learn, with all new technology that this industry is generating, which motivates us to push beyond and try to create the unimaginable.

How did you get into making games?
It is a long story, but here it goes… I used to have a different life. I got a degree in Psychology, worked for the Justice Council making divorces for 5 years. Had a “stable” life, what society and family expected you to do. But then inside of me I was burning. So, in a form of escape,  I started to make pies to some how use my creativity to run from this bureaucratic repetitive work.

Then my colleagues really liked them and ask me to bring in more to sell… in a week the whole corridor was buying pies, and then later, the whole building where I used to work. The pies grew up in such a way that I had to contract 2 people to help me make and deliver them.

It became a small business I had – 4 thousand pies a month. Clients started to ask for a shop where they could go and buy the pies.

This is when my life change happened. At the course I did for how to administrate your own business, I discovered something really important that changed my life. 

2 oculs eyesThey questioned us about what we really liked to do as a person and not just about the business. The course was really intense and pushed me to discover myself . For the first time I stopped and ask myself what I really liked to do and not what I should do for money, society or whatever. 

Then it came to my mind this big realisation: What I always had done my whole life, was play video games.

Then I realise that nowadays, I could actually do a course and make games. I decided then to change everything and follow my dream. I got the money I had saved to build the pie shop and sold my car and left that creep job at the Justice Council and travelled to the UK to make games and here I am!

I did one year of Games Programming course at Sae University in London and then I did a masters degree in Games Design & Development at The National Film & Television School (NFTS). Pixel Ripped was my final project at NFTS and I believe my experience administrating the pie business helped me to get this student project so far. 

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