June meetup: Watch games, 7 Questions & teaching yourself to code

Pokemon meets Final Fantasy in Claire’s text adventure

We had such a good meetup last night – shared projects, discussed some future plans and decided to make a game, it’s all happening!

Developing games for smartwatches

We talked about developing for different platforms and were thinking about how games could work on smart watches.

None of us own one yet, so we weren’t aware of what was out there already and thought it was a fairly niche platform that will potentially not grow into much – here’s a couple of articles on the topic:

Can an Android Wear smartwatch play games, however? Sure it can! Android Wear smartwatches pack powerful processors, sufficient amounts of storage, and enough RAM to handle some light gaming. Although we’re pretty sure that gaming was one of Android Wear engineers’ last priorities…

–> Best games for Android watch

From location-based adventures to digital pets that live on your wrist, Apple’s arrival could enliven the idea of playing games on a smartwatch…

–> Games for Apple watch

Developers talk a lot about play patterns on smartwatches, and particularly the fact that people won’t be squinting at their wrists for long gaming sessions. Or even medium-length ones for that matter.

Virapen talks about “games for playing in a hundred five-second sessions a day” for example, while Petri Järvilehto, chief creative officer for Best Fiends developer Seriously, talks about games existing “in your peripheral vision” throughout the day.

–> Developers on Apple watch games

7 Questions plus 1

Constance and I shared our old idea for 7 Questions – a series of interviews with women from the games industry. It was suggested we add an 8th question about how people get into making games eg was it a course, working for a company, or just building games in your spare time.

The idea is to show women as many options as possible to develop their own pathways into games

On the back of this, we’re very pleased to have the a new set of answers from pie-maker turned awesome indie games developer Ana Ribera! I’ll post these up tomorrow…

Teaching yourself to code

Claire shared her work-in-progress text adventure game she’s making using Microsoft Visual Studios, whilst learning to code in C#.

She’s been following the free tutorials on Channel 9 and has written almost 2000 lines so far, including battle sequences and maps in this Pokemon meets Final Fantasy game.

Going to be great to follow the development and hopefully get a chance to test it over the next few months.

Geek Girl Dinners

Wanted to draw attention to another meetup for women in Bristol – Geek Girl Dinners is a social and networking group for women who are interested in science, technology, engineering and other geeky things.  They run a monthly meetup in Bristol at various locations with food and wine – the next one is yet to be announced, but join the meetup group to keep in the loop.

Next meetup

Next meetup is already in the calendar for July 7th! We’re going to start making something… Not sure what yet, but may borrow a recent Ludum Dare theme ‘Unconventional weapon’. A starting point anyway and more to come soon!


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