Attention grrrl gamers: Future meetups, workshops & events

A still from Lux and the Shadowmaker, the game currently being developed by Constance
A still from Lux and the Shadowmaker, the game currently being developed by Constance

So, our first meetup wasn’t the greatest success as a lot of you weren’t actually able to make it in the end 😦

However, Constance and I still used the time to push forwards with plans and think about what we’d like to do in the future

1. Another meetup?

We would still like to have a meetup where we actually meet everyone interested – next date is May 12th!

2. A Unity workshop!

We’re currently speaking to the guys at Unity about setting up a workshop as an intro to the programme – this could act as a refresher if you haven’t used it for a while, an introduction if you’re thinking of using it for future projects, or for fun, because learning new stuff is cool.

This workshop will hopefully run in May, on a Tuesday evening after work.

3. More workshops!!

We want to do more of these workshops – currently thinking one on sound and music for games in June and another on Unreal in July. If anyone knows of someone who could facilitate these – please let us know!

4. Network

Another thing we’d like to get from this meetup community is exactly that, a community! So if you’re going to an expo, speaking at something, putting and event on – we’d like you to feel like you can ask us along. To get things going, Constance will be presenting her current game-in-development at the next Bristol Unity – more info here.

5. Over to you

We wanted to use the first meetup to see what people might want from future ones… What do you want to make? Are there other things you would like to learn? Are there games you want to play?

Personally, I want to do a screening of this film. I’m just waiting for it’s release 🙂

We’re also going to restart our 7 questions posts – check out previous ones here – would you like to respond to them? Let us know!


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