This week! Narrative and text adventure workshop


So it’s already been two months since our last meetup and time really has flown! However, we’re ready to host our next workshop this week with the theme of narrative design and text adventure.

Narrative is a key element of game design and to help us explore it’s role and importance will be Hazel Grian, a media storyteller who has worked on countless projects, including Alternate Reality Games for movies such as Star Trek, interactive drama series Kate Modern and zombie street game  2.8 Hours Later.

As usual we’ll kick off the evening with a show and tell, a chance for us to share what projects we’re working on or any exciting new things we’ve been a part of over the last couple of months. Following that, we’ll look at some free online tools that can be used to make text-adventure games and then on to the practical bit where we’ll actually make one!

The meetup will take place this Thursday (12th) at the Pervasive Media Studio, which is situated in the Watershed, Bristol. We’ll start at 6.30pm and usually go until about 8 with some light refreshments, predominantly, but possibly not limited to, biscuits. Hope to see you there!


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