7 Questions: Terri Mardel

7 Questions is hopefully going to be a long term series q&a’s carried out with women from the games community. We’re interested in finding out what women do, what games they play and where they are going and we hope you’re interested too! To kick things off, we have Terri Mardell, Design Director for Road Hog Games….

newspaper picCan you describe what you do?

Currently I am finishing a course in Games Design, and I am also Design Director for Road Hog Games. In my role as Design Director, I am responsible for all aspects of design for projects within the company. As well as designing the games themselves I am responsible for the projects paperwork and also have some QA responsibilities.

What’s your favourite game?
Any of the God of War series, in particular, the second one. I love the mythology, the art style, the gameplay, everything.
Can you remember the first game you played on a computer/console?
Space Invaders! I still love playing it now. I also have very early memories of my Dads ZX Spectrum, and a game that involved wiggling a joystick to keep a man running on a log.
What are you working on now?
Mobile app/games. Currently a modern remake of a retro classic.
Who is your favourite game character to play?
Kratos (from the aforementioned God of War)
What inspires and drives you?
Firstly, a passion for playing games. I play all sorts, from console games, to Candy Crush in 5 minute bursts. This passion for games is what drives me to want to create my own. There is no greater feeling than seeing someone enjoying one of your games and quietly thinking to yourself “I did that”.
What excites you about the future of games and/or game technology?
Games have always been an escape, where else could you battle a minotaur and live to tell the tale? As technology advances, games are becoming increasingly more interactive, in new and unconventional ways. I look forward to experiencing what comes next.

If you’re a woman in games and you’d like to answer the questions yourself, head over to our questionnaire and we’ll publish them on the site.

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